Creating Powerful Podcasts

How to Communicate Powerfully
in a Digital World

“The essence of powerful podcasting is storytelling.
My techniques will make you a better communicator.”
— Valerie Geller

Valerie Geller is president of the broadcast and podcast consulting firm Geller Media International. She trains and coaches podcast hosts and storytellers, helping each to maximize his or her performance to get, keep and grow audiences. An internationally acclaimed communications trainer and expert, she works with successful podcasts along with radio and television throughout the world.  Geller is the author of several books about communicating more powerfully in the digital world, including She coaches podcasters and leads “Creating Powerful Podcasters” workshops and seminars around the world, to develop and grow audiences by training communicators to work more effectively.

If you would like to be a more Powerful Podcaster, you are in the right place. Geller Media International is the recognized expert when it comes to Creating Powerful Podcasts.

Valerie Geller, a much in demand conference and keynote speaker and seminar leader, is a globally recognized trainer and author of five books on communicating more powerfully, including BEYOND POWERFUL RADIO – A Communicator’s Guide to the Internet Ageavailable from Routledge Press.

Geller is the recipient of the prestigious Rockwell Lifetime Achievement Award (YOU TUBE video ) 

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Internationally acclaimed podcast consultant Valerie Geller has coached top podcasters throughout the world.

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Called the “bible” of becoming a more powerful communicator, this best seller is an essential resource for podcasters.

Powerful Podcasts

With the Geller Media principles you will become a better communicator and create powerful podcasts.

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