Want to Grow Your Podcast? Here’s How One Tiny Company Did It

Graphic courtesy of Steve Goldstein

Guest Post by Casey Helmik, President of Terra Firma

It’s early 2020 and no one truly understands how big the global pandemic of COVID-19 is going to become. I have developed a podcast network — primarily focused in the religious genre of content — that is reaching roughly 75,000 unique listeners a month. Because of the strength of that network, my small production company is now being booked to produce larger independent shows. In 2019 our podcasts received just shy of 4,000,000 total downloads. In 2020 our independent podcast production requests were sky-rocketing, in part because of the virus-triggered lockdowns and in part because of executing good work the year prior. We were on trajectory to double our project workload in 2020 and I began to realize just what I had on my hands:

A Big Problem.

For those of you who read about entrepreneurship (or listen to a few podcasts about it), you are fully aware of the moment in the entrepreneurial journey I was facing as founder: Scaling Ourselves Directly To A Painful Death. This was me in June 2020 — growing so fast that the systems allowing our small production group to run Converge Podcast Network and a handful of independent shows successfully were the very things causing us to fail at real and sustainable growth. There was major opportunity ahead of us but the keys to unlocking the growth didn’t seem to be in my portfolio.

One of the hardest things for founders to do is to recognize their own deficiencies. While I struggle with this, I knew enough to know that I had gaps in my entrepreneurial vision and I began having discussions with a few key people…

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How To Be Amazing and Leave Them Wanting More

Three Simple Rules To Make Your Podcast Successful
  • Tell the Truth
  • Make it Matter
  • Never Be Boring
Questions to Help You Edit

Why should you listen to this?
Why would someone want to hear this?

The Best Podcasts:

Inform Entertain Inspire Persuade Connect

The best conversations come from listening. When doing an interview listen and make the interview more of a conversation.

Making Engaging Content

When you are telling the truth and being transparent, you can share your opinion on a topic and ask your audience to share theirs.

By asking a specific question it’s easier than “send me some feedback.”

When delivering content you should be doing one of the following:

  • Inform
  • Entertain
  • Inspire
  • Persuade
  • Connect
Place Your Listener in the Movie

Try to work visual words into your podcast. Help trigger the theater of the mind.

There is a framework called the Story Spine from Kenn Adams that is used by many storytellers it is:

  • Once upon a time there was ___.
  • Every day, ___.
  • One day ___.
  • Because of that, ___.
  • Because of that, ___. (and so on)
  • Until finally ___.
  • And every day after that ___.

Growing Your Podcast

When you are on other platforms, be amazing and leave them wanting more.

So many people go to other platforms (like Clubhouse) and tell them to come to the podcast.

If you bring amazing content to the conversation those same people will ask you where to find more of you. 

It all starts with being Amazing.

Ready To Start Your Podcast

If you’re worried about sounding stupid, getting lost in technology, spending too much money, the School of Podcasting can help you avoid all that.

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