Author: Valerie Geller

How To Sound Your Best

The HOW TO SOUND YOUR BEST podcast is part of NPR Digital’s Tamar Charney’s Knight Fellows “Audio Storytelling for Journalists” course. Here’s the “Be In Your Best Voice” session link:  For more info on the entire course, click here:

Want to be a More Powerful Podcaster?

Here’s Valerie Geller in conversation with talented Weststar CEO, national radio host and podcaster Kim Komando.

How to Have Great Ideas

How do you come up with Great Ideas? It’s a process. There are NO bad ideas in creative brainstorming. Just throw. Julian Shapiro offers some tips here for opening “Your Creativity Faucet: A Mental Model for Generating Ideas” If you’re interested, you’ll also find much more about developing creative ideas in

How To Be Amazing and Leave Them Wanting More

Three Simple Rules To Make Your Podcast Successful Tell the Truth Make it Matter Never Be Boring Questions to Help You Edit Why should you listen to this?Why would someone want to hear this? The Best Podcasts: Inform Entertain Inspire Persuade Connect The best conversations come from listening. When doing an interview listen and make the […]